You can substantially* improve your HDTV picture quality for less than $100

* On most HDTVs compared to factory picture settings

“Lyle of Crystal Clear Home Theater has a high degree of expertise, integrity and creativity that help him provide superior audio and video consulation and calibration services. I engaged Lyle to calibrate my video display as well as my audio system and was thrilled with the results he provided. He took his time to make sure everything was to my liking and has even followed up beyond the original engagement with great insight and expertise to follow up questions I’ve had. I would highly recommend Lyle if you are looking for someone you can trust to do an expert job in the area of audio/video calibration and consultations.” —  Alex, Kirkland, WA

Display Calibration: HDTVs, Projectors, and Computer Monitors

We specialize in projector calibrations.

There are two types of calibration that we can do for your display: Basic Calibration and Grayscale Calibration

Basic Calibration is a 30-60 minute process (per display) that uses a DVD containing special calibration patterns to properly set the controls you may already be familiar with: Brightness, Contrast or Picture, Sharpness, Color, and Tint. For LCDs that provide it, Backlight will also be adjusted. Setting just these controls properly can make a dramatic improvement in the quality of your picture.

Grayscale Calibration is a 2-4 hour process that uses specialized equipment (an industrial pattern generator and a colorimeter) to measure the precise color output of your HDTV or computer monitor and set it to match industry standards as closely as possible. It includes everything performed in a basic calibration, but is done in a more precise manner guaranteeing much greater accuracy in the settings. In addition to the basic settings listed above, the following adjustments are made (if possible on your display device):

  • Color gamut by adjusting primaries and secondaries (Red, Green, Blue, Cyan, Magenta, & Yellow colors)
  • Color temperature (D65 at up to 10 IRE points). 5500K setting for B&W content can be done on request.
  • White field uniformity
  • Image brightness
  • Overscan & scaling
  • Deinterlacing
  • 2/3 pulldown processing
  • Aspect ratio
  • Black level settings

One important element to know is that if your video signal is passing through another device, such as your receiver, that device can cause problems with your picture quality. Part of a full grayscale calibration is verifying the settings of your receiver, DVD player, cable box, or other device(s) and making sure they are reproducing the best possible picture. (Note: There is an extra fee for receivers that do video processing. See the pricing page for details).

Special menus on your HDTV display are often used to adjust settings not available to you as a consumer, which can result in noticable improvements to the picture.

When the Grayscale Calibration is complete your HDTV will display a beautiful picture with accurate color, brightness, and the best possible dynamic range (a.k.a. “contrast”), allowing you to see the picture as the director originally intended.

Each Grayscale Calibration includes 1 calibration memory (for example, HDMI1 at 1080p). Additional calibration memories have an additional fee, as most HDTVs have different setting memories for each input and sometimes for different resolutions. Day and night calibrations count as separate memories.

Please be sure to contact us if you have any questions about what the cost would be to properly calibrate your HDTV.

Computer Monitors and Business Projectors

All computer monitors can be improved through a Basic Calibration as described above. The primary difference is that the test patterns will be generated through your computer using special software (nothing is installed on your machine). In addition, many video cards have settings that can be adjusted.

Depending on the brand and model of your computer monitor or projector, it may have very limited ability to do a full grayscale calibration. If you wish to have a grayscale calibration done for your computer monitor or business projector, please contact us. We will need the manufacturer and model of the monitor or projector, the operating system your computer is running, and the manufacturer and model of your graphics card.

We do not currently provide color matching services to match colors between your computer, printer, and/or scanner. This is a service we hope to add in the future. Please check back later!

Display Matching

If you have multiple projectors or flat panels in a single field of view (most commonly in a large conference room or auditorium), we will calibrate all the devices together to ensure an identical picture (as much as the devices allow). Please contact us for a quote.

Types of display devices we calibrate

We will calibrate just about any non-CRT-based device. This includes LCD, OLED, Plasma, DLP, LCoS, and so on. We do projectors, flat panels, and computer monitors. If you have a CRT device in need of calibration, please contact us. Depending on what it is, we may still be able to accomodate you.


Meters: We use a JETI Specbos 1211 5nm spectroradiometer for reference quality accuracy in our calibrations. We use this in conjunction with a SpectraCal C6 tri-stimulus meter for fast, accurate calibration.

Pattern Generators: We have a QuantumData 780B 4K capable pattern generator with HDMI troubleshooting features including the Aux Channel passive monitoring add-on board. For some calibrations we also use a VideoForge HDMI. For PC calibrations we use the SpectraCal CalPC client.

Software: We use the latest version of CalMAN from SpectraCal exclusively.

To learn more about the benefits of calibration, please see our Why Calibrate? page