We stand 100% behind our work, guaranteed!

We guarantee the quality of the work that we do, and are confident that you will be satisfied!

30-Day Guarantee

If there is something you are dissatisfied with, we will come back at no cost within the next 30 days to fix the problem or re-do the calibration, provided that none of the calibration settings have been modified since the original calibration service.

Calibration – both for video and audio – is rarely an exact science. It is an exercise in compromise, finding the combination of settings that provide the best result for your system. We are trained to do just that. You will notice the difference!

It is important to remember that the adjustments made during calibration may feel “strange” to you for a short time after the calibration is performed, especially if you have owned your equipment for a while already and are used to how it looked or sounded before the calibration. We suggest that you wait at least two weeks or so to get used to the changes, after which you will never want to go back. However, after that time if you still feel something is amiss, please contact us.

Note that no matter what your device is, it will “fall out” of calibration over time. We recommend that you have your equipment calibrated once a year. Our guarantee does not cover situations where the equipment naturally fell out of calibration due to its design. Plasma displays and projectors, especially, typically have significant shifts in their specifications over the first few months of use.

Due to the nature of the service performed, there are no refunds.