HDTV or Home Theater Setup

We would be happy to help you get your HDTV and/or home theater system hooked up and properly connected so you don’t have to worry about getting it right.

If you aren’t sure what wire to connect where, or if you tried and it’s just not working, then this service is for you.

For most HDTVs, setting it up will take less than an hour. An A/V receiver and speaker setup will typically take 1-2 hours, with more complex setups taking longer.

In addition, we can help you program your equipment, setup a universal remote, or simply give you a tutorial on how to use your equipment. Everything is hands-on, and we won’t leave until YOU are confident you can operate the equipment effectively.

Universal Remotes

Are you tired of juggling remotes?? We can help solve your problem.

We design and program sophisticated products like Universal Remote and RTI. We can also program Harmony remotes.

We can help you choose the appropriate model for your system and program it for you. Buying one of these may just be the most gratifying purchase you’ve made in a long time! Please contact us for more details. Unfortunately, at this time we are not a Harmony dealer.

We are a General Contractor

We are a licensed general contractor, and can do most parts of an installation ourselves. We sub-contract out electrical work. If your project requires any of these services, we’ll work with you to ensure it is taken care of in a quality manner.

While we do sell home theater products, we do not carry any inventory. You can be confident that we will never recommend something just so we can get it out of our inventory. We will only recommend products that will benefit you.