You can start getting your home theater tuned up for less than $100

Multiple services will get you a discount! Contact us for a custom quote.

“Lyle installed our home theater in July 2010.  We found his service invaluable.  His knowledge regarding equipment and setup is second to none.  He is very helpful without ever being pushy.  He is truly a one of a kind and we would NEVER have been able to complete this project without him.  We and all who experience our system are amazed at the sound and picture.” – Heather

Cash Discount

A 4% discount is applied to all invoices paid with cash or check.

Calibrated Equipment Packages

All calibrated equipment packages are custom quoted. Please contact us if you would like to purchase equipment through us.

HDTV or Home Theater Setup

Equipment Setup Services are done at an hourly rate of $80/hour (1 hour minimum; travel time is added to total time). Most HDTV setups will take less than an hour. An A/V receiver and speaker setup will typically take 1-2 hours, with more complex setups taking longer. Training is done at the same rate.

Please note: We are not an installer, and cannot run wires through walls, install in-wall or in-ceiling speakers, or hang your HDTV on the wall. See the setup info page for more information.

Video/Display Calibration

Video Calibration Services are priced as follows (see the video calibration page for more detail on what is performed as part of each service):

Basic Calibration: $60 to $95 (depending on travel time).

Additional HDTVs calibrated in the same session are $30 each. Call or email for a quote.

Grayscale Calibration: Each Grayscale Calibration includes 1 calibration “procedure”, which is the process of using the SpectroRadiometer to measure grayscale and CMS. Many TVs have different calibration memories for each input and sometimes different resolutions (e.g. SD and HD content), but the settings determined from a single calibration procedure can be copied to all these memories. Setting can be copied to as many memories of the same type (e.g. HDMI) as desired at no extra cost. A separate day calibration is included as long as it only involves changing the peak white brightness and/or a single gamma setting.

3D calibrations, calibrations of multiple input types (e.g. HDMI vs. component, etc.), and separate inputs on some displays require a separate complete calibration procedure and therefore are charged the extra calibration procedure fee.

If your receiver has video processing and you want to calibrate the settings on the receiver (which is strongly recommended), there is an extra fee of $110 for the first input plus $30 for each additional input you want calibrated.

Refer to the chart below for fees. Multiple displays during the same appointment have discounted rates.

Computer Monitors $250 (Not currently available.)
Plasma, LCD, and OLED flat panels $290
Rear projection TVs $310
Front projectors $360
Per additional calibration procedure
(e.g. 3D calibration)
Receivers with video processing $80 + $30/input
Travel Fee $0 – $45 (Call or email for details)
Lamp replacement or other labor $80/hr
Cable/Interconnects as needed Varies

Please be sure to contact us if you have any questions about what the cost would be to properly calibrate your HDTV, or for a specific quote.

Audio Calibration

Basic Acoustic Calibration $205
Basic Acoustic Calibration – using automated calibration feature
Up to 4 measurement points (Price Reduced!)
Audyssey Pro Calibration – up to 8 measurement points
Includes Audyssey license fee ($150)
Additional measurement points (each)   $25
Complete Acoustic Calibration $895
Acoustic Design Review Only $195

Design Services

Design services are charged at an hourly rate of $125/hr. This includes consultation and design work, and includes basic documentation and reports.

Extra CAD work or documentation for a design, which is typically needed for complex designs or when it will be installed by another party, is charged at a rate of $55/hr.

Restocking Fee

Returns of merchandise are subject to an 8% restocking fee.

Sales tax will be added to all services except design and consultation. A discount of 4% is applied to invoices paid with cash or check.