Why 3D Won’t Work and Never Will

Roger Ebert recently had a post on his blog where he describes a letter from Walter Murch describing why 3D video in its current incarnation will never work. Basically, he’s explaining the fact that our eyes have to work differently in 3D video than they do in the natural world. I think this is a very interesting article and it makes sense. However, I wanted to provide a diagram showing exactly what Walter is describing in his letter. Read the blog post and then take a look at the diagram below, and hopefully it will make things a bit clearer.

I don’t currently have any opinion as to whether this technical detail means 3D will not succeed. However, it does seem to explain at least part of why some people have difficulty viewing 3D in this manner for long periods.

The HDTV podcast has a short discussion of this article in their January 28, 2011 podcast.

Diagram of 3D convergence vs focus distance problem.

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