Audyssey Pro calibration now available

If you have an Audyssey Pro Installer-Ready receiver (or other Audyssey Pro device), we are now an Audyssey Pro installer and can calibrate your Audyssey Pro device.

Audyssey Pro calibration offers a significant improvement over the built-in Audyssey calibration on many receivers. The calibration is done with an expensive, high quality microphone using (usually) more measurement points. In addition, the parameters can be tuned for the best possible performance.

Audyssey Pro calibration requires a license for your receiver or device, which we handle for you and is included in our fee.

Please contact us if you are interested in having us perform this service for you.

You can also purchase many Audyssey Pro devices from us, including the Audyssey Sound Equalizers or some Denon and Onkyo receivers. By purchasing them through us, we will sell you both the receiver and calibration as an affordable package. Contact us for more details.

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