In the market for a TV or home stereo?

Now selling calibrated equipment packages

For some time now I’ve felt that in order to properly meet the needs of many of my customers, I need to make it possible for them to purchase equipment directly from me. In particular, the type of customer who knows they want a new TV, home stereo, or some other home theater component but isn’t quite sure what to get. Trying to do the research can be daunting, and there are a myriad choices that can be very confusing.

My goal is to give my customers the best audio and video experience they can get. It can be frustrating for me sometimes when I visit a customer’s home and they have made a choice to purchase something simply because it was the cheapest, or the easiest for them to get, or for whatever other reason. Often their choice has resulted in them ending up with an inferior product, when they could have had something much better for the same price or even less.

By offering calibrated equipment packages I will work with you to determine the best option for your goals and your budget, obtain the equipment for you, verify that it works before installing it in your home, set it up, and calibrate it. For a TV or projector this means that when you get it, you’ll get the best picture possible from day one. For audio, it means that I will set it up, configure it, and calibrate it for the best possible sound. I can also offer peripheral equipment and other products related to home theater.

What about price? I can offer you very competitive pricing for what you would pay for the equipment only elsewhere. So, while you may end up paying a little more going through me, you’ll have the peace of mind of knowing you’ll be seeing and hearing the best quality possible for your budget dollar. I can’t compete directly with online retailers and big box stores on price alone, but I can offer you significant added value that is more than worth the price difference.

Because I carry no inventory I will never push to sell you a product you do not need or that does not fit you and your project! However, most of my suppliers carry stock locally and I can get you what you need very quickly in most cases.

Please contact me if you would like to discuss a calibrated equipment package.

Note: I will not quote prices over the phone or by email. When you work with me on a purchase, we will talk about what you want and your needs, and I will put together an estimate that includes the price of the equipment, the setup, and the calibration. I am not a storefront retailer and cannot be just another place you shop for gear. I will not sell over the internet or ship any product. All delivery is done in person.

Here are some brands that I can get you set up with:

Televisions: Samsung, Panasonic, LG, Toshiba, JVC, NEC
Projectors: Optoma, JVC, JVC Pro, Sanyo, Marantz, BenQ, Sim2 and more
Receivers: Denon, Onkyo, Harman and more
Speakers: Klipsch, KEF, Boston Acoustics, Crysalis, JBL and many, many more
Wire, accessories, mounts – just about everything you can think of!

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