Do you help with audio at your church?

If you are involved in any way in helping out with sound at your church, there is a good chance you may be dealing with certain issues that are common especially today:

  • Getting a good, consistent mix from week to week from your volunteer team
  • Being embroiled in the “volume wars” and unable to make anyone happy with the volume of music
  • Having a lack of focus and purpose in what sound and audio should be accomplishing through your worship service

I worked for 18 years as Technical Director / Media Director at a large church where we struggled through these issues and more.

You first may want to read through this whitepaper I wrote that attempts to give purpose and direction to the role of sound in worship: Northshore 2009 Audio Vision. I hope you find it useful in inspiring you in the midst of your own process.

I would also love to help walk you through the process, or generally provide advice and consulting help. Please see my Crystal Clear Sound and Vision page for more information.