Now HAA Level II Certified

Officially a “Level II Guru”

After taking my HAA Level II certification class in August, I received my official certification this week. This means I am uniquely qualified to take a look at your home theater sound and provide expert analysis on how it sounds as well as how to make it sound better. In fact, as of April 30, 2010, I am the only certified HAA Level II Guru listed on the HAA website in the State of Washington.

What is the HAA?

HAA stands for the Home Acoustics Alliance, started by Gerry Lemay, and is an industry organization dedicated to providing training and standardized calibration techniques for home theater audio. From their website (

The HAA® is a professional training organization dedicated toward home acoustics. Its purpose is to promote the correct and most effective use of acoustical design and calibration techniques specifically for the home.”

How does this certification help you?

In order to become a “Level II Guru”, I spent 3 days in a unique workshop crammed into a small home theater. It started out completely bare – just 4 walls,  ceiling, floor, and a home theater audio system. Over the 3 days, I and my classmates listened, tweaked, listened, tweaked some more, and listened some more. Speaker placement, subwoofer placement, receiver settings, and acoustic treatments were all variables we played with until the room sounded the best it could. We analyzed the room over and over using specialized equipment so we could measure the differences our changes made, and put together a comprehensive report detailing all that information. It is the same report you will receive if you have a Complete Acoustic Calibration done in your theater.

Through this class all the theory of home theater design and speaker placement became practical – I was able to actually hear the difference when the speakers or subwoofers were moved, or when acoustic treatment was added.

For more information on the Home Acoustics Alliance, check out their website:

Between my HAA Level II certification for audio and my ISF certification for video, I should be able to help you make your theater look and sound the best it can. Give me a buzz to schedule an appointment!